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Our Process

  • MOZGOmedia recognizes the importance of following a design and production blueprint, and we enjoy working in partnership with our clients throughout the process.
  • We tend work in phases, the first of which is “Discovery” where we listen and ask questions. After that, we assimilate and integrate the information and begin to explore and develop some ideas. It takes off from there. And it’s fun.
  • Our approach helps keep everything in perspective, everybody informed and allows us to deliver a product that seamlessly integrates your content with the project’s design and technology.
  • Mozgomedia's 5 Phase Process is centered around our clients' need to understand where they are in the project, what is expected of them, and what they should expect from us.

The 5-Phase Process

We set a roadmap with milestones that our clients can reference throughout the life of the project, so there are no surprises or unrealistic expectations. Our clients are continually engaged in dialog with us. Throughout this one-on-one dialog, a streamlined partnership is developed; our customers are satisfied because they are a part of the process and have a sense of intellectual ownership as a result.

Phase One

We get to know your business, and listen strategically to your objectives and the issues you would like to resolve. Then we develop a project plan where we:

  1. Determine technology requirements and media
  2. Define scope, timeline, approval process and budget
  3. Prioritize deliverables and define benchmarks
  4. Define the creative brief and consider potential “broad stroke” concepts

Phase Two

  1. We assimilate phase 1 and integrate the ideas and information
  2. Explore conceptual possibilities
  3. Develop the Experience & Visual Design and Information Architecture
  4. Create blueprints
  5. Test uncertainties
  6. Define content & technical components

Phase Three

  1. Validate and refine our conceptual and technical strategies
  2. Produce conceptual prototypes & design documents
  3. Initiate user testing

Phase Four

Complete media production:
  1. Graphics, video, audio, motion graphics as needed
  2. Produce the product using approved Experience & Visual Design, Information Architecture and Technical Components
  3. Prepare technical documents
  4. Test
  5. Resolve final production issues
  6. Optimize

Phase Five

  1. Deliver the fully tested product and provide maintenance and operation documentation
  2. Assist in a period of training (if needed)

Our Clients