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Multimedia Presentation Design & Video Production

The Omnicom Group – Multimedia Presentation Design

The Omnicom Group CEO’s report to the investment community needed support that could be used effectively in a wide range of venues and situations.  See more... »

RadioCentral – Multimedia Presentation Design

RadioCentral asked Mozgomedia to design a rich and entertaining multimedia presentation for sales and marketing that included a 90 second animated opener that showed the evolution of radio to this day and into the future.  See more... »

Nuko – Mobile Location Solution Platform – Video Promo

Mozgomedia was tasked with creating a clear and concise video demo for the Nuko Location Solution Platform, a SaaS application that quickly and easily added location relevance to virtually any content delivered to mobile devices.  See more... »

Deloitte – Event Video Opener (Projection)

After a high-profile merger, this leading professional services organization opened their conference with this powerful video introduction designed for 90 x 30 ft widescreen video projection.  See more... »

SunPower “How Solar Works” – Marketing Video

SunPower asked Mozgomedia to produce an informative web-video targeted to a consumer audience that could outline all the advantages of a SunPower solar system in less than 5 minutes.  See more... »

Sprint “Mobile Locator”– Marketing Video

Sprint wanted a web video promo that would effectively demonstrate their new mobile workforce location application, “Mobile Locator” to business users.  See more... »

AltaVista “Multimedia Search” – Launch Promotion

To launch their new and exciting multimedia search capability, AltaVista asked Mozgomedia to design a simple and visually striking promo incorporating powerful motion graphics.  See more... »

Channel One News – Multimedia Marketing Presentation

Channel One News, a broadcast network in schools came to Mozgomedia to help them sell more advertising. We created an interactive multimedia marketing tool for their sales force that was a resounding success and further strengthened the network's reputation and brand.  See more... »

Neuberger-Berman – Multimedia Marketing Presentation

Neuberger-Berman needed a dynamic marketing presentation that their sales force could use easily in the field. The presentation needed to reflect the company founder's strong brand, apply his extraordinary art collection without diminishing its substance, and utilize all the latest state-of-the art multimedia.  See more... »