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SaaS (Software as a Service) User Experience & Design

Sprint “Mobile Locator” - SaaS Design

“Mobile Locator,” a new location-based SaaS product from Sprint needed to be robust and reliable for their business customers and seamlessly integrated into the Sprint brand.   See more ... »

Nuko Location Solution Platform – SaaS UI Design

The Nuko Location Solution Platform was intended as a SaaS location-enabled service, to quickly and easily add location relevance to virtually any content to be delivered to mobile devices. For consumers it would give the opportunity to explore the world around them in a “location aware” mode.  See more ... »

Ericcson TV – SaaS Design for Content Management System

Ericsson Television is a provider of video on demand and interactive television systems to broadcasters. We were asked to improve the usability of a complex content management system.   See more ... »

Autodesk - SaaS Design for Various Applications

“Mobile Locator,” a new location-based flagship product from Autodesk Location Services needed to be robust and reliable for Autodesk’s business customers. Mozgomedia worked on the user experience design with an eye towards smooth integration into the Autodesk family of SaaS products.   See more ... »

Guitar Center – SaaS Design for Internal Management Systems

Mozgomedia worked extensively with Guitar Center on their back-end administration systems. Guitar Center is the largest online seller and brick-and-mortar chain of musical instruments in the world with 256 locations throughout the United States.  See more ... »